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Bankruptcy Law Firms | Howard Goodman

Bankruptcy Law Firms | Howard Goodman

Bankruptcy Law Firms | Howard Goodman

Because no financial crises are exactly the same, Denver attorney Howard S. Goodman offers personalized service that 
targets clients’ unique needs, and he’ll do the same for you. Mr. Goodman has over 25 years of experience as a bankruptcy 
attorney in Denver, Colorado, so you can trust him to find the best solution for your financial circumstances.
Mr. Goodman is experienced in many other fields of law, including divorce law, corporate law, and general civil litigation. 
Many of these factor in bankruptcy, so no matter your situation, you’ll have focused help from an attorney with extensive 
experience in multiple legal areas that relate to your case.
Phone: (303) 751-8141 .
Address: 7535 E Hampden Ave #501, Denver, CO  80231
Google+ :

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